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Report Summary of Social Audit 2019-Resumme by KD-ReNAS-English – – 09/03/2020

Report Summary of Social Audit 2019-Resumme by KD-ReNAS-English – – 09/03/2020

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April 17, 2020 – September 21, 2020

Rezumu kona ba Programa no metodolojia Auditoria Sosial


In Timor-Leste, social audit is a joint initiative of Timor-Leste Government and Civil Society Organization in 2015. The initiative is a mechanism to support citizens in monitoring and holding government accountable to the implementation of policy, programs and budgets on national development in responding to people’s lives wih better quality. It is also considered as an effective instrument in ensuring community’s participation in the development processes. Social audit is also a space for dialogue between government officers and the community, men, women, young people, people with disability, elders and groups to participate in monitoring program implementation of the government.

The objective of social audit is to enforce the voice of the community, promoting transparency, and accountability, equal and inclusive participation in the development processes. Besides, through social audit it can be an alternative to enforce the voice of the community in terms of social control. Looking at the importance of social audit through the community that it assists ensuring government performance with regards to all program implementations. Therefore, VIII Constitutional Government continues to support nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in implementing Social Audit in 2019. Since the lauching of social audit in 2015, NGOs are the principal facilitators in collecting data from the community in the area of educationo, basic infrastructure, social inclusion and agriculture. These data are directly reported by the community and compiled in this report. Data and the information in this report are evidence to inform line ministries and relevant State institutions for consideration in relation to policies, planning and budgeting for the coming years. Line ministries may use the data and information presented in this report in order to improve services, policies and programs.

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between VI Constitutionial Government and The Timor-Leste NGO Forum (FONGTIL) have established a Directive Council for Social Audit Natinoal Network (DC-SANN) in order to supervise the implementation of all activities under social audit including providing technical assistance, taking up role as focal points to liaising Civil Society Organizations and the Social Audit Unit of the Office of the Primier Minister and relevant partners. There are seven members of DC-SANN composed of both international and national members of FONGTIL and professionals as well.


Santina Soares

Directive Council Coordinator

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